"Gas is Cheap, Halloween is Fun"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, October 31, 2014

I guess my opinion is not always right — as many of you will certainly agree. You can’t imagine how hard the last statement was to write.

I have often complained about the price of gas in the Thumb, citing prices, etc. Now I am admitting our local stations are giving us a break. Seldom is the cost of fuel at stations in Bay City, Saginaw, even Caro, higher than our stations in the Thumb.

A week ago I took a color tour with friends across the state. We take the trip most falls and the color was the best we have seen in years. We traveled north from Bay City, then across the state to Lake Michigan and back. Gas prices began to rise around Unionville and continued to increase throughout the trip.

I had fueled up in Saginaw just a few days prior to making the trip at below $3.00 a gallon. We did not see below $3.20 a gallon on our entire trip until we got back to Huron County. Yes, prices began dropping in Sebewaing and continued down all the way to Bad Axe, Kinde and Port Austin. What a pleasant surprise, let’s hope the trend will continue into the winter months.

A few days after my color tour, I had to travel south and after leaving Bad Axe, I didn’t find gas for below $3.00 a gallon until I was south of Lake Orion. Not only am I pleasantly surprised at the low cost, I’m also thankful — for all those who have a hard time covering their gas costs. They also are already paying to heat their homes during these chilly fall days. A break at the fuel pump is sure welcome.

While I’m praising fuel suppliers in the Thumb I must also point out our Thumb color tour, right here along our shoreline, is stunning. I wonder why none of our Chamber of Commerce folks promote our fall beauty from county line to county line. Our area has plenty of color and we can accommodate many visitors this time of year. Most lodging businesses don’t shut down until about mid-November.

In my last column, I discussed my take on Halloween. In the “Your Voice” commentary that appears below it, readers offered their opinions. They were asked; “Who enjoys Halloween more — kids or adults?” Their answers reflected a tie. I also collected opinions on that question and agree it’s a dead heat. Some older people are not fond of kids coming to their doors asking for treats but others (like me) love to see the happy faces of the little tykes.

In most towns, if you’d like to treat the youngsters at your door, simply turn on your porch light. Some people like to join groups that set up “trunk or treat” stops where everyone gets together and serves beggars from their car trunks. Others host parties in their homes.

As I commented last week, after Halloween it’s OK to start advertising Christmas. The kids are full of candy, many with tummy aches, so now is a good time to make out their wish list. From now to Dec. 25 there will be sales galore. If you wait til the last minute, you will catch the best prices but you may risk not getting what appeared on those lists.

Try to squeeze in a day of Thanksgiving and lots of turkey along the way and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.


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