"Time To Tune In"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, October 8, 2016

As the temperature rises on the political campaign trail, some voters are saying Donald Trump will perhaps be a dictator. Some are saying, Hillary Clinton knows how to work the White House so well, the general public won’t have any idea about what’s going on.

Many people are still unable to commit to a candidate and many are so frustrated they are saying they will not vote. As I see it, if you don’t vote it’s a confirmation and approval of the way the government is being run.

Let’s reflect: the current Congress that actually runs the country, is doing a great job. They don’t pass any bills and are pretty much giving our country away. They have lost control of all of their powers and are content to let the executive branch, or other top officials, do whatever they please.

Take a look at the changes in our everyday lives. Every news report confirms that Homeland Security has failed to provide security. They have an unlimited budget and yet the job is not being done. Last month, a person who set off homemade bombs in New Jersey and New York was apprehended, aided by “luck and technology” according to news reports. The man, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who created fear around the country was not on any watch list in spite of prior knowledge of him and his family’s frequent visits to Afghanistan. Rahami also spent a year in Pakistan and was questioned upon his return and cleared without any concerns noted. Homeland Security was aware, or should have been, of all the turmoil around the family’s restaurant. So with all this knowledge, why did they not have him on a watch list?

After his picture was put forth in all the media sources, the Homeland folks announced that we knew about him. Did they know he was making bombs? Did they know how frequently he visited his homeland or why he spent a year in Pakistan? Sure they made a quick arrest, but not until the bomber had struck twice and had a third attempt fail. Did they arrest his father, who also traveled frequently to the homeland?

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t vote or at least pay attention to what is occurring right in front of you, it means you support all of the actions that have taken place the past several years. One of them involves everyone’s medical insurance, which is handled by the Department of Health and Human Services. Sounds pretty impressive right, so let’s take a look at how they are doing.

It was declared what we had for health care wasn’t working, too many people were not insured. In 2010, six years ago, the Health Care Reform act — all 1,990 pages, was signed into law by President Barack Obama. It is still being contested and causing total chaos throughout the medical industry.

Of greatest concern is the impact on the nation’s physicians. They have strict limits regarding time spent with each patient and must post a report online regarding the visit. Their fees are also limited and strictly controlled thus you are not working with your doctor, you are being cared for by the government.

Because of the drastic changes taking place, thousands of private practice physicians are retiring or just closing up their offices.

Those of us who had the government’s prescription drug plan remember well President Obama’s promise when the Affordable Care Act was put into place. He would get rid of the doughnut hole. Not only has it not gone away, it has grown bigger and many, many critical medications are being withdrawn from the formularies or moved up in cost dramatically.

How about the promise that everyone would be insured without raising the cost to those who carried their own insurance. That promise was not kept either, as everyone is well aware. Insurance companies have raised their rates 100 to 200 percent and cut coverage. There are volumes of data being published about just how the Affordable Care Act has failed to resemble anything affordable. Even Bill Clinton had a comment about it.

I have only shown a light on two of the 15 executive departments. We could look at most of them and conclude the same thing. No one in Washington is doing their job. Why? Still think you want to pass on voting? Just about every government department is failing to represent the American people who elected them.

It really is time to pay closer attention, do not tune out because a horse and pony show is being put on to distract you. And after the spotlight was turned on the vice presidential choices, it’s difficult to hope one of them will be of much help.

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