"No Jobs Or No Applicants?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, June 13, 2015

I wonder how much we have to give away.

And, what percentage of our population is on the dole? I’m sure there are truly, needy persons in our area just like in any other throughout the country. I’m not referring to them in my commentary.

Does anyone monitor those who receive assistance checks who are not working? Yes, I’m talking about welfare recipients, those who often complain, “I can’t find a job.” Perhaps they should say, “I don’t want to work.” The attitude among many of them seems to be, “Why work when you can get paid more for sitting at home watching TV.” As a consequence, they add to the problems of alcohol and tobacco abuse and the epidemic of obesity. As I see it, the free ride is too easy to get and in many cases it never ends.

The problem of employers needing workers and potential workers not wanting to work is nationwide. It affects all types of employment from low-wage service industries to high-tech jobs across all industries. Simple truth is we have raised a lazy population. I asked a 31-year-old man who lives with his parents why he didn’t have a job. He said, “Employers won’t pay enough, I need to have $ 15 an hour.” On the other hand, I also know a young man with a family who works for less than $ 15 an hour and accepts odd jobs after hours and on his days off. He will do just about any type of work he is physically able to perform without complaint. He also volunteers on his time off as a little league coach.

Many of my friends and acquaintances own local businesses and they tell me they cannot hire employees. Some of them have had to cut their hours of service to the public because of not enough help. Employers should be assisted with locating employees. There used to be a time related to unemployment payments (before they were just mailed out) that if an appropriate job was available and an unemployed person did not apply, their benefits were cut back. Why can’t that method be used with welfare recipients?

As you travel around, note how many seniors are filling those low paying jobs. They continue to “earn” their way through life, some even helping to support family members without jobs. I recently met an older man in his mid-seventies who drove an old pick-up truck. He will pick up any metal scrap you wish to get rid of. While chatting, he explained that he worked every day and was able to collect enough scrap to live on and he never accepted financial aid.

As I see it, young people today, and some not so young, are spoiled. Many get their first car before they ever obtain a driver’s license. They wear shoes that cost more than an entire outfit worn by other youngsters.

When my daughters were in their teens, they wanted to receive calls from their friends. Our phone was dedicated to my business and therefore usually tied up. I made a deal with them that they could have their own phone line (Davis Daughters) if they paid for it, which they did. As soon as each of them were old enough, they went to work and earned their own spending money. I can’t recall any of them having a problem with accepting a pay rate that was not good enough.

Today, you would have a hard time finding any teen without their own “smart” phone with “unlimited minutes” paid for by their parents. They also must have their own computer and or iPad plus an iPod for musical entertainment along with every other digital device out there. Any one of the listed toys cost more than the cars we drove when we were young. (Yes, I know that was a very, long time ago).

Sorry young people, but I can recall mowing lawns, shoveling snow, washing cars, caddying and peddling newspapers to make a buck when I needed it.

No Jobs? Nobody wants to work is more the case.

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