"Actions Are Needed"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, September 30, 2017

I spend most Sunday mornings watching the news programs.

Guest speakers usually have like opinions, but lively debates do occur. The main subject this past week was, once again, to keep, repeal or replace ObamaCare for the nation's healthcare.

As I listen to the comments there seems to be a consensus that there is a need to change. Many panelist agree parts of ObamaCare are good, but all of them believe changes are needed.

Over months of debate many ideas have been presented and rejected. Considering the large number of proposals introduced, it seems a few could be discussed and considered. Piecing various ideas and parts together, why can't they come up with a workable plan?

It's obviously a bipartisan effort, but neither party is committed to solving the issue.

What I have heard as one of the biggest stumbling blocks is big pharmas part in the puzzle. Repeatedly the comments are put forth. How can cuts be made in the drug cost? Why has no one attempted to accomplish doing so?

Here is a thought I have had: Cut the federal funding to develop new drugs.

If we continue to contribute, at the same high cost, to pharma's research and development, the cost will never come down.

Our tax dollars pay for the drugs to be brought to the marketplace and the manufacturers sell them around the world. That is free trade, but why are the drugs sold for less in other countries?

Our cost to purchase the same drugs are much higher and we are not permitted to legally purchase them overseas at the reduced rates.

Why does our government allow this to continue? Do the elected officials receive large donations for their reelections from big pharma? Or is big pharma so powerful that they can rob the American public at will? We should be demanding changes be made to force the manufacturers of drugs we underwrite for development be sold to our citizens for the same rate as other countries. Let's all write to our congressional leaders and ask the questions I have raised.

As I continued to view the Sunday shows, the topic of North Korea's imminent threat was discussed. Currently we learned any U.S. bombers, in any air space, were going to be shot down by the North Korean air defense system. Early this month, Kim Jong Un flexed his nuclear muscle by testing a hydrogen bomb that could be loaded on an intercontinental ballistic missile. Other missile test have proven successful and he has boasted they can reach our shores.

The entire world must know we are being brought to the brink of war by a seriously deranged person who has total control of his operations. Why do we keep pleading for diplomacy? He does not want to discuss the matter, he wants to blow us to bits. Shall we just continue to look out our windows each morning to see what is left?

As I see it, I don't think our president has yet realized the nut will fall out of his shell. Why are we waiting? Why not initiate action to rid the world of such a terrible threat before he sends over that big one? And, it really doesn't matter whom declares war — there can be no war if extermination occurs.

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