"The News Offers Contrast"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, July 27, 2013

I often wonder why politicians speak before they think, a noticeable mistake that occurs frequently.

As a news hound, I note the lack of forethought repeatedly. When a person is being interviewed, they try to avoid answering questions. This past week, on one of the Sunday news programs, the host was interviewing the speaker of the house. The speaker was asked the same question four times, evading answering each time. The host, clearly irritated finally said: “You’re not going to answer the question are you?” His response was: No, I’m not.

I find if you switch from NBC at the conclusion of “Meet the Press” to CBS for “Face the Nation” the same guest may be appearing. This week, I made an interesting observation. Before appearing on “Face the Nation,” the speaker had been on “Meet the Press” and did answer a very similar question.

Same guest speaker, same question, same day, different answer on different networks.

After the Zimmerman trial concluded, defiance to the jurist decision sprang up and protests broke out across the nation fed by media focus on race. An African-American preacher interviewed regarding the turmoil commented: “The race cards are all being played by black protestors.”

I’m not certain the final findings in the case were right, but I do believe race should not have been the reason for protest. If crowds wanted to gather, they should have shown disdain for the prosecutors of the case. The entire prosecution appeared as though the litigators were unsure beginners with little experience in a courtroom.

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what took place that evening and no jury verdict will satisfy everyone. Trayvon’s life is over. If riots occur, and they still may, more lives could be lost with no positive result. I believe the president’s comments were improper. Our president represents not only African-Americans but all Americans. Unless he plans to opine about all such incidents, he spoke out of place and perhaps increased tensions.

A happier time took place across the Atlantic. Cheers were heard on every corner while 41-gun salutes plus 62-cannon salutes roared. Thousands of Brits, plus millions worldwide greeted the birth of a royal family member. It took more than four hours after the birth before the anxious commoners received the report: “It’s a boy!” Hours later, the weight was announced. As of this writing, no name has been chosen. But bets are being laid for favorites.

Although the royal family is said to be only figureheads these days, they are truly loved by their people who show great pride in them. They will celebrate the newborn mightily and the family will receive well wishes from around the world for days to come. Just think: An innocent child was born that in the future may be asked to save the world. At the least, he will be expected to uphold his country’s traditions.

As I see it, it’s becoming time to celebrate our Detroit Tigers! They lead their division after the first half of the season. If they can get a trade for a good closer, we may be able to remain at the top and hope for another shot at the World

Series with home field advantage.
They may declare Detroit bankrupt but that will not affect the city’s sports teams or scare their fans away. Detroit has always had and will continue to have perhaps the best fans in the country. Just give us a team to cheer for and they will hear us all over the state — and a good part of Canada, as well as the north end of Ohio, etc., etc.

And then comes the latest breaking news — does anyone want a Weiner?




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