"Who Is On Top Now?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, September 9, 2011

Are there just too many problems to solve?

We had the privilege of a presidential visit right here in Michigan and all he did was kiss up to the unions. I’m not a big fan of unions, but I have never been against them either. I grew up in an auto workers family and learned to appreciate all the many advantages the unions provided. Our family life was made easier by benefits they fought for such as health care, overtime and vacation pay.

Unions helped build our middle class; they demanded fair wages by adopting the slogan, “A good days pay for a good days work.”

Middle class workers across the country paid their share of taxes to help build the strength of the nation. Our manufacturing abilities were the best; we could build everything — and did.

Problems began when many workers became lazy and had no pride in their work. Union reps continued to go to bat for them and they were allowed to earn the same as workers who were productive. The “Made in America” pride was tarnished by poor workmanship of our products and the middle class began to suffer. Sales of our products slipped, giving way to automotive names never heard before. Layoffs soon followed and large numbers of those earning high wages were no longer paying taxes, thus a drain began on our country’s treasury.

Back to the present. While the President was busy shaking hands with labor leaders many prospective Republican candidates were making moves without thinking things through. Don’t those running for the GOP convention’s choice realize what’s at stake when they speak?

Texas Governor Perry was interviewed and asked that now that he declared himself a candidate, would he be attending the Republican debate in South Carolina. He indicated he would, but at the last moment bowed out saying, “I have to get back to the problem of wildfires my state is faced with.”

Frankly, I would like to see a governor, any governor, in full firefighters gear with a pressurized hose in his hand or even a P-can with a hand pump.

I’ll repeat, as I do every election season or when I visit political topics, I’m non-partisan.

I can pick on and ridicule any of the candidates and not feel bad at all. Why do all the media give Sarah so much coverage? She has not even indicted she is going to run. They say the squeaky wheel gets attention – how about the squeaky voice? Her silly statements should be played back to her to help make her decision about being taken seriously as a candidate.

There has been a lot of talk about the Tea Party. I always enjoyed a tea party when my girls invited me. Now that it is being called a third party, I’m not certain I wish to participate. I still believe the Tea Party is a front for the GOP but notice many of them are also wavering about attending the party. Michelle no more than won her first caucus, and before she could remove her shoe, she went from the celebrated winner to way down the list.

Prior to the California debate, polls showed Mitt Romney and newcomer Perry neck and neck. Exposure of Romney’s health care program and how it is being applied in his home state, along with Perry’s home state education record, may keep them close but moving to second and third, way behind Ron Paul, according to the MSNBC poll after the event.

As I see it, if there is no improvement in the job market before the GOP convention, it may be too late to worry about who gets elected president.

We may have to lay off all the government employees and then see how long the hand-outs and “entitlements” last.



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