"Fall has Disappeared"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, October 12, 2012

What happened to fall? I sure hope this cold snap will be short lived. Pat and I once again decided to tough it out until November before heading south. One reason is October ends with one of our favorite events — Halloween!

Pat likes to decorate with her pumpkins, witches and ghosts.This year, she decided she wanted a harvest arrangement sitting with them on a bale of straw. Have you tried to find those square bales lately? I began to wonder how I could get one of those big, round rolls into the yard. After checking with a few of our farming friends, we were told Ziel’s on Stoddard Road may have some small bales. Sure enough, they had one and were happy to load it in my truck.

The little display is all set and the neighborhood cats appear to enjoy playing with it. One of our neighbors complained because it scared her little dog and it ran off into the street.

Halloween is a holiday kids of all ages look forward to and youngsters like to stuff as many goodies as possible into their bags or containers. Some get overly zealous and drag along a pillowcase for their haul of treats. We so enjoy the costumes the Moms’ imaginations work so hard to create. If the weather stays as chilly as it has been, the Moms better make bigger costumes or buy larger sizes. The kids will have to wear them over jackets and long pants. The kids won’t be concerned with the cold; they get so excited running from place to place, they never notice the icicles forming on their noses.

As I see it, it’s time to remind drivers about the kids darting out into the streets — so remember to please drive very carefully if you’re traveling around the night of Halloween. Most of us should be staying home to hand out candy anyway.

The adults will be happy when Halloween rolls around because only six days remain until they can answer their phones and expect to hear a familiar voice. Most of us have hesitated to even answer our phones during this election period. Callers give a long, detailed message and then tell us how to vote.

Why has the telephone become so popular during the campaign season? Don’t those calling remember a person has to reach the age of 18 before they can cast a ballot? Most of us have developed the ability to make up our own minds by the time we reach that age.

Not only will we be able to use our phones without dread, we will be able to carry our mail home in one hand. One day I received five brochures in brilliant, glossy color – three were supporting one candidate. I had intended to vote for him, so it seemed somewhat a waste to send me the three messages. Actually, we should all be grateful for all the flyers being mailed; it’s keeping our friends at the Post Office working. Even though the postal rate for that type of mailing is lower, it should be putting dollars back into their budget.

Another great thing that will happen after Nov. 6 is we get more viewing time on our TVs. We may even get to see news at 6 p.m., instead of repeats of election promotional discourse or what the polls are saying. This election there are so many polls even the newscasters don’t know which ones are close to accurate.

Yes, I did watch the debates and have but one question: Will any candidate ever say the same thing twice?




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