"Our Military Should Stay Closer To Home"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, April 25, 2014

We have assumed the responsibility of offering our services around the world during emergencies such as the search for the missing aircraft on the other side of the globe. Recently our Navy rushed to help after a South Korean ferryboat capsized.

One of our Navy’s destroyers was sent to the Black Sea to support the Ukraine. The news stations are kept alive by coverage of all the problems on the other side of the world. We keep jumping on any information about Russian activities; like the buzzing of our ship a dozen times during a 90-minute time period. One of their ships has also been shadowing our ship in the same international waters.

When repeatedly flying over our ship, the Russians were not just on an air cruise without directives. They were no doubt performing reconnaissance, testing our ship’s responses and learning how it was equipped. If we were so concerned, why not send out one of our jets to run them off? Or, we could have just ignored them. When we must place our resources in areas of conflict, do we shut down some of our equipment eliminating any possibility of our opponents learning our secrets?

Truth be told, it is doubtful we have much anyone is interested in. Almost everything we build is made with parts from around the world. If any information is required about our defenses, all anyone need do is call up Mr. Snowden.

An action we could perhaps take is to announce that due to the uncertainty of Russia’s intentions we are setting up an area of defense around our properties and interest in the area. We could say, “If a vessel or aircraft penetrates such a designated area, we will forcefully expel them.”

If we don’t wish to take such an action, we should leave the area. It may appear we are being required to leave but does that matter? Our president keeps drawing lines and never seems to notice when they are crossed. I’m not suggesting we go to war over a perceived action against us. Few Americans want military involvement. But, we also don’t want our leaders making false threats.

We should stand our ground and do what we say we are going to — or stop getting involved in every conflict that arises. One of the most ridiculous reports made regarding the Ukraine conflict was that President Putin called on the phone and asked President Obama to help him get control of the situation. As I see it, Putin started the problem and now he is asking for our help to solve it? Why would we even consider getting involved with him regarding his problems?

Our government and all its many foreign representatives should act – or get out. Many U.S. citizens would prefer we put our efforts toward protecting our properties, our holdings, our families and leave the other side of the world to resolve their conflicts on their own. I know we are preached to daily that, “The world is flat,” or so the reports tell us. Even this sheet of paper has two sides but we can only use one side at a time. Why don’t we just use our side and forget the other?

I would like to suggest, as I have many times, let’s place our troops around our borders to protect our citizens. If there are any left after doing so, they could ride in squad cars in our major cities. Give them arms, equal to those of the street killers. Troops in patrol cars would quickly double the manpower on the streets and perhaps stop or reduce the killing of innocents. Every major city in our country could use some assistance trying to make their streets safe.

If my ideas were considered, the tax dollars spent on the military would be spent at home. Best of all, the troops could take leave at home and have their families nearby.

If we could take the action I suggest, our citizens would all benefit. Consider this: Would those countries who have such contempt for the U.S. really miss us?

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