"A Sad Holiday For Many"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Wednesay, December 26, 2012

I must begin this week’s column with an explanation. In order for my column to appear in Saturday’s edition, it is written and submitted Wednesday or Thursday afternoon at the latest.

Last week my column title and content reflected an upbeat, happy attitude announcing the number of shopping days left before Christmas. I ridiculed the frenzy of shopping on Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Little did I know the blackest Friday our country would ever experience was to take place.

It was hard for me to conceive such a despicable event could unfold in such a beautiful place. I have been there before; before most people had ever heard of Newtown, before the beautiful soccer fields became a backdrop for anxious reporters waiting for news updates on the horrible actions that had just taken place. I have family that lives nearby in Fairfield and I attended a soccer playoff game my grandson played in on one of Newtown’s soccer fields. Yes, I’ve been there in the past but will now sadly remember the latest settings etched in my mind forever.

A few weeks ago I asked, “Why — no matter where you look, little value is placed on human lives.” What can we do to gain control of our own actions? I support the rights we have to defend ourselves and protect our families. In all respect to our constitution; at the time the bill of rights was drafted by our forefathers, no assault weapons of mass destruction were available. The intent of the second amendment law surely was not to protect the rights of future killers.

I cannot fathom a reason why anyone needs an assault weapon or magazines that can hold 30 rounds of shells or “cop killer” shells. None of these items were even heard of when the “rights” many hide behind were added to our constitution.

I’m hopeful no one thought me “heartless” with my talk of a “Jolly” Christmas. I am the father of four girls, grandfather of six and I’ve always loved the children. I’m often entertained at gatherings when the little ones giggle and laugh in such an infectious way we all begin to smile and laugh with them.

One of my granddaughters is in a Masters program at Wayne State studying Art Therapy. She wants to send information to the President on how her future profession may help those who are challenged and ask that a greater focus be placed on helping our less fortunate, many unable to help themselves, by providing support for needed programs.

Last week as I watched in horror the story unfold my tears and I’m sure every person in our country’s tears just kept flowing. In the days following our great loss, many powerful people have spoken out about finding a way to protect our innocent children. Perhaps it will be the legacy of the children and their defenders in Newtown — who had no voice, if they do.

To all who have tried to dry their tears and celebrate the holidays with family, I sincerely wish you Merry Christmas and hopefully Peace on Earth to all of us.




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