"What a Difference a Week Makes"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, March 7, 2014

Last week, I commented on Mr. Putin shaking the hands of our country’s ice dancers. I felt he made the gesture in respect of their unequaled performance.

Apparently, I was wrong. Was I the only one fooled? The news media announced the president was sending our very best Secret Service and NSA surveillance people to Russia to keep watch on every detail of the Olympic Games. The intent was to ensure the safety of our athletes and all U.S. citizens attending the many activities.

I have to wonder now were they really keeping an eye out for problems or perhaps they were watching the games while the Russian military prepared to change the world’s opinion of their leader almost overnight. Most of us were probably fooled because we were so intent on watching as many Olympic events as possible. I know that I took little or no interest in the turmoil taking place in the Ukraine, assuming the citizens of that country would clear up their own problems.

Watching the daily news this past week, I saw reports on the tensions among the Eurasians go up one day and down the next. Our president, once again, drew a line and announced: if you cross the line, you’ll be sorry and have to pay a penalty. Sounds like kids playing a game of marbles. What must people around the world think?

Putin and his Russian military not only crossed the line, they took over a large part of another country without any concern for consequences. After making his bold move, President Putin calmly said our military exercise is over but we may leave some troops to help stabilize the area.

I know I should care about all this but why? Are we the world’s referee? Are we responsible to oversee every move every country makes? Will our president be running for the position of president of the world? If we are indeed the watchdogs for actions of the entire world, what is keeping us from setting North Korea straight as it continues to show off with demonstrations of power?

If our president is going to assume responsibility of the entire world, shouldn’t he — or perhaps in the future, she — demonstrate more responsible actions? How will we be able to hold a position of power over the entire world while drawing back our military might?

It was announced this past week as the conflict with Russia was escalating that we will be cutting our troops and our navy. Does that sound like a show of strength? We also announced we will be cutting current military paychecks. Do you suppose that will encourage a longer line of volunteers to join up?

As I see it, we need to review and perhaps give a lot more thought to how much muscle we think we can threaten the rest of the world with. It just seems we should get better control of our own country, including our government and let other countries take care of their problems.

If we must involve ourselves in other countries, why travel to the other side of the world. Why not reach out to Venezuela in a way that could benefit both our countries?

I know I ask a lot of questions, but I believe we need to because things are seldom as they seem.




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