"We Can't Fix It"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, March 4, 2011

My opinions seem to gather support no matter what subjects I write about; not everyone agrees with me, but many like to ponder what I say. I’m grateful and that is the reason I continue my column.

My comments today may ignite some response, but I am compelled to write about the topic in all of our faces. The world is in an uneasy state. No matter where you look, there is unrest, and we must assume it will continue for a long time.

The troubles in the forefront are in countries with dictators, some who have ruled for over 40 years and turmoil has existed most of those years. Fighting, bloodshed and constant unrest are not new in many areas of the world; these conditions go back as far as history has been recorded.

At this time, our elected officials feel an urgent responsibility to involve our country. WHY? As I see it, we have more than enough turmoil and problems in our own country, and until we resolve them, we should stay out of other countries’ troubles.

We — most Americans — believe our countries standards far surpass most others. I do not disagree, but apparently, the citizens and many of the leaders of other countries do not see it our way. Those who do are fighting for a chance to enjoy our way of life, but it is their fight — not ours. We fought and gained our independence July 4, 1776. Did other countries come to our aid?

As I watched the ongoing news coverage, I heard one of our elected officials suggest we declare a restricted airway over Libya. Another suggestion from a similar source was to provide weapons to the citizens trying to overthrow their leaders and gain control of their government. Why would we take these actions? Don’t we give enough to them by buying their black gold?

We are under the watchful eyes of many dissidents here in our own country — they are discovered almost daily. The most recent person (a citizen of our country) was a builder of bombs capable of mass destruction. He was in our country attending an institution of higher education to aid him in his quest.

As we view news programs such as the most recent “60 Minutes,” we learn many countries, including those considered our allies, have sent spies to live among us. They wish to obtain information about our weaponry so they can perhaps use it against us. If they are indeed an ally, why would we not share this information? If we provide weapons as was suggested, there would be no need for spies; they could just study what we send.

Those people who support the actions of providing help of any kind to countries involved in civil wars or take-over should read up on the history of those areas. Since 647, Libya has been mired in conflicts and turmoil. If the citizens of that country and and those that surround it have not taken control of their destiny in all those years, why do we have to accept a responsibility to do it for them?

It won’t matter how this current uprising resolves, we will take blame from many for getting involved. There will be no appreciation or loyalty to us if we help — just continued pleas for additional assistance.

I know those reading my column, especially the ones tied to large corporations, will say, “We are part of a worldwide community.” This may be true but I must reply, “Has being part of the worldwide community been beneficial to the majority of our citizens?”


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