"Respect, Courtesy Still Exist"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, April 4, 2015

After often cynically wondering, “What is our world coming to?” I have recently noticed words like respect, love, responsibility and courtesy popping up. These words, many thought were forgotten, are still in use.

A few days ago, I commented to a neighbor visiting nearby about how well behaved her children were. She responded, “We teach them to respect others and expect them to be responsible or else.”

I timidly asked, “Or else what?”

She explained, “They will find themselves sitting instead of playing.”

As I observed the family: Mom, Dad and five kids, I overheard words seldom heard. Please, yes sir, and thank you were a few. I didn’t realize youngsters even knew these words, or what they meant. It sure was a pleasure to observe a family growing within control of each other, showing respect for each other and those around them.

I just returned from a family wedding in Arizona where my granddaughter, Lisa, got married in grand style. The groom, Bradley, called me sir every time he addressed me even though I had told him it was not necessary. He explained he had been taught to call his elders “sir” at home while growing up and it stuck, so he does it routinely.

When I asked Lisa how she wished me to dress, she responded: “You are the grandfather of the bride, you can do anything you want.”

Yep, I was the grandfather and she is the first of my six grandchildren to marry. Pat and I were proud and happy to witness and share the wonderful occasion. Many family members and friends of Lisa’s parents flew in from Michigan. Other family members arrived from Connecticut, Missouri and Florida. Some turned the trip into mini-vacations, touring the state’s sights: Grand Canyon and Sedona.

We spent two weeks, just because we like to try out the western sun to see if it’s as nice as the southern sun. We also hate to go through the hassle of flying without being able to spend an extended visit.

Growing older has a few advantages. The best one is others often help you accomplish tasks you once could handle with ease. Our recent flights allowed us the pleasure of meeting some very nice gentlemen who graciously lent a hand helping us get our bags out of the overhead bins. They also played “linebacker” for us, holding the mob back who would have pushed us aside in their rush to deboard.

Everyone we encountered in the airport — from baggage handlers, “examiners” and boarding attendants — were kind and considerate.

As I reflected on the trip we took, and recalled the family I had met at home, I realized courtesy, respect and responsibility have not disappeared. Those traits are still alive and well. And although seldom displayed, when you see them demonstrated, they are great. As I see it, parents and teachers should keep teaching respect

and courtesy because we all sure like to experience the results of your efforts.



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