"Mother Nature Was Messing With Us"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 3, 2013

It happens every year, not always in the same month or in the same manner. Mother Nature makes her own decisions on what we can expect.

Last year in our area, she caused our fruit trees — especially apple and cherry, to blossom early. The beauty of flowering orchards is beyond describing. Than Mother Nature’s cruel side emerged; she sent snow and freezing temperatures which caused the trees to shed their blooms. The majority of our fruit trees did not recover and produce last year.

I watched a group of apple trees last year that the year before had been so heavily laden a small herd of deer feasted on them for months. Those same trees produced one apple that actually ripened to bright red so at least one whitetail enjoyed a snack.

Mother Nature was not satisfied with ruining the fruit crop, she went on to provide an extremely dry season that caused a serious drought in many areas of the country. The dryness had many ill effects, not only on crops but on fresh water levels of the Great Lakes and down to the smallest ponds.

As the water supply diminished, further problems developed. Limits on commercial shipping, recreational boating and drinking water shortages from dry wells were only a few of the impacts felt. At this time last year, some of the damage from drought conditions had occurred. This year, with nature’s new plan for us; farm fields are so wet many cannot be prepared to plant. Farmers are falling behind on their early planting and some are considering changing to other crops this year.

As we enter the month of “May flowers,” many northern areas are still receiving sleet, snow, too much rain and high winds. Small rivers are over their banks causing closures and weight restrictions had to be imposed on secondary and country roads. If these conditions would have continued, the effects of weight limits could have presented even more problems for farming and construction.

The winter’s toll on highways are evident and wet weather and cold temperature were holding back opportunities to make needed repairs. In addition, there were many concerns regarding bridges on county roads. They could not be inspected until rivers recede and banks begin to dry. In some areas, roads adjacent to rivers were washing out entirely.

As the spring weather is slow showing us what we should expect; forecasts for the lake levels are not favorable. One report I read said we can only expect about an inch increase in depth as a result of all the rain. As I see it, that leaves a long way to go but at least (hopefully) it’s headed in the right direction.

We need to remember, we have found no way to control Mother Nature so all we can do is duck and dodge and make the best of what she sends us.




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