"Our Country is Great"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, September 10, 2016

As our national election draws near and people gather together, discussions may turn to politics. Candidate’s statements, quoted in the media, are often repeated.

“Let’s make America great again,” and “I can do it because I am great and can do anything I want” are announcements made by a self-proclaimed great man running for president. I wonder if Donald Trump ever reads a newspaper and if so, does he read anything other than articles about himself?

Throughout our country, newspapers are full of articles describing shootings, often involving innocent children just playing in their yards or sleeping in their beds. Other articles describe deaths that occur due to drug overdoses or alcohol-related accidents. It’s time for the noon news report on my local radio station as I write this column and at the top of the broadcast are details of two separate shooting events within one block.

As I see it, if Trump doesn’t read a daily paper, he should. When he addresses the public at his scheduled rallies; he should describe his plans, in detail about how he will help our country become great. Perhaps Trump has a plan to remove the proliferation of large automatic weapons and their ammunition from the market and off the streets of our country. His constant reminders of the wall he will build leave many doubts, especially after reports of his meeting with Mexico’s Enrique Pena Nieto.

This column is not about bashing Trump. I am, and always have been, non-partisan. I have questions for Hillary Clinton: can she restore our middle class? How does she intend to raise taxes paid by the top 10 percent of individuals, those whose incomes exceed the total of all of the disappearing middle class? Can she give details, explaining how she will tax those principal contributors to her campaign? If she cannot, her words are just empty promises that will be forgotten after the election.

Our great country, that the two candidates keep referring to, one saying it will be great again, the other insisting it is already great, is deeply troubled. The world watches, as we all do, the failed political party process that did not provide reputable candidates to choose from. We are a great country, I believe the greatest, and we deserve a great leader. Why couldn’t either of our political parties find one?

We listen to Trump explain he was financially brilliant when he filed numerous bankruptcies and his tax filings are so sensitive he is unable to provide them. He must know we are not buying it. All previous and a current presidential candidate were able to comply with the request. There is no other assumption except — something is being hidden.

Hillary Clinton’s use of a BleachBit to destroy emails so thoroughly “even God could not read them” is another example of a candidate who wanted to hide something that would harm them politically. According to Wikipedia’s description regarding the FBI investigation, Director James Comey stated: Clinton was not “technically sophisticated enough to understand classified markings in her emails.” How could she possibly serve as commander in chief with so little skills in our tech-driven world?

Polls change daily which indicates the public’s reluctance to decide. Many people are saying they will not vote but that will do nothing to solve our problem of no choices. We still have two months to examine the daily revelations presented regarding our presidential candidates. Who knows what might be discovered. Maybe Clinton will come clean and bury her past. Trump may actually get his brain in gear before his mouth opens. One of them could actually begin to act presidential.

We need to vote because state and local leaders are looking for support and deserve it.

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