"Hopes For 2011"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, January 8, 2011

Many of us, including me, did have a good 2010 and managed to make do with less income, but 2010 was not the best for many. We all need to look forward to 2011 with hope.

Hope that hungry and homeless numbers will diminish. It is difficult to comprehend our open-door policy that allows all those who wish to enter to have jobs, education and government subsidies, while many of our countrymen are in dire need. Those non-citizens who enter our country should have to pay their own way; buy their own food, clothing and housing, seek and pay for needed medical care.

Hope that many of the unemployed will find jobs. It is so hard to understand why our country’s major businesses continue to send so many jobs overseas. I have expressed this conviction in the past and still firmly believe we need to first look out for our own country’s needs and cease miring ourselves in the problems of others. We should realize we are not the only country with power, and our solutions are not always welcome. For years we have been doing all we can to help those in other countries while giving away what we have spent years achieving. We will not maintain our title as the richest country in the world if we continue to send our riches around the world. We should return to living with what our country produces and scale back on imports.

Our constant fear of terrorism is fed by those who benefit the most and send our troops to the far reaches of the world. If we are going to pay troops to keep us safe and protect our welfare, why not keep them home to patrol our borders. In addition, if we stop sending jobs to Mexico and place a strong guard on our border there, wouldn’t the people of Mexico step forward and take action to stop some of their problems?

If we stop supporting others needs and let them take
care of their own, perhaps in a short time we could return to a time when anyone who wanted a job could get one; when all that was needed was a willingness to work.

It is my hope our education systems can be helped. Why can’t we make a college education available to all our young people who desire it? We could pay for it with funds we send around the world to help others enter our country and fill our institutes of higher education, where we could teach skills that would provide our youth with more opportunities. If we are going to give funds away, why not give them to our citizens?

Many of those who come to our country want to change it; our language, religious beliefs even the way we dress. It just seems that those who want things the way they had them in their country should return to it. If they want to blow up buildings and kill themselves for their beliefs, they should do so in their own countries and leave us to our peaceful endeavors. Most of our citizens love this country and would not ever want to change it or harm it in any way.

We all must hope for signs of world peace, yet we continue to commit our resources and beloved troops to foreign conflicts. As I see it, how can peace be achieved if conflicts are supported?


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