"It's Time To Tackle The Violence"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, July 28, 2014

It seems most of the problems around the world, in every country, are the result of violence. Gangs control and cause much of the unrest.

Here’s how it works; one person picks two or three others, usually weaker than themselves, and makes them think they are special. Those chosen are told who is boss and who will make all decisions that must be upheld. They may even be told what will happen to anyone who fails to follow dictates.

Among the directives handed down by the self-imposed leader will be to spread out and bring in new members. The recruits will then be indoctrinated about who is boss and what the rules are. As a gang grows in number, jackets, shirts and other identifying objects are provided to illustrate their membership and loyalty. New member candidates are led to believe it’s a privilege to belong to the gang. They accept tasks they are asked to perform — steal vehicles or find contraband such as dope or guns.

After learning what is expected of them, if the prospective member doesn’t want to be a member of the gang, they will be shown the consequence of trying to quit. Beatings, drive-by shootings and damage to property are some of the consequences. If the member is not convinced and still tries to leave, the consequence is often death.

A common problem with gangs is, as they grow in numbers, the so-called leaders are often challenged by a member who feels they deserve to lead. The confrontations result in mini-wars and shootouts with deaths on both sides until a leader takes charge unchallenged. As the gang gains strength, a change in recruitment occurs and outsiders are forced to join. Those being forced realize their choice is re-locate or join.

Once new members are convinced they have the protection of the entire membership, they follow assignments which range from stealing to killing. Fear holds them to the gang because they know what the punishment for failure to carry out orders is and leaving is no longer an option.

As I see it, there are too many gangs in the world and there is little being done to disband them. Worldwide, the gangs are larger and bullies stronger and they have access to firearms that exceed any issued to law enforcement. The gangs grow in strength until they become armies such as the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East. We are told immigrants fleeing across our border are running from gangs in their countries. Many don’t even make it to refuge because of gangs they encounter on the trip. Once immigrants are placed in enclosed areas with a large group of detainees the gang factor will likely be introduced.

If they enter our society they will encounter bullies and gang members once again.

The question being asked today is how do we stop the gangs before they become an army and take over many more countries?

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