"Can We Have Enough Security?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, April 22, 2011

Security has become a word we hear on a daily basis. In the past, the only time I heard that word was on a special weather warning from the Coast Guard over the marine radio.

Today it seems Homeland Security represents multiple uses of the word including in their name. They report their Security patrols and Security breeches and Security can be found at all airport throughout the country. Security does seem to vary from one airport to another so we never know what to expect when we travel.

A few weeks ago we learned there was a change in the Security color codes. They only used two so the others were a waste.

Airports are not the only place you find security, there is security in federal buildings, at political rallies, and where ever any top notch politician happens to drop in to speak.

Security is advertised in newspapers and magazines. Security is recommended for your home or business. You can purchase security alarms for your car and personal belongings. Security can be found in many hotels and most gathering places. I encountered a very serious security detail at the Hoover Dam.

When you tune in or log on to news broadcast the word security is scattered throughout them. Security is a word that has been brought to life in the postal service as I mentioned last week when I was told, “For your security, we cannot forward your mail.

When you call or go online to get a bank balance or credit card information you have to recite all your personal data for the Security of your account. If you wish to travel out of country, even to our neighbor Canada, you need a passport which contains all your information but you must answer a list of questions for Security. Travel by train or boat, there are Security checks if you leave or return from the country. When traveling by water, you must show I.D. to disembark and again when you return and pass through the Security scanners.

Our insurance companies tell us we must be sure to lock our doors day and night at our homes for our Security. There was a time when most Huron County residents would leave their doors and windows unlocked - but that was before we learned about Security.

Hospitals and clinics are required to practice Security due to them having drugs on hand and patient’s records to safeguard. Wall Street has begun to take more interest in Security hoping to protect its investments.

If you don’t have Security on your electronics, you need to check into how to obtain it. Information stored on your computer, cell phone, blackberry and all future such devices is sensitive personal data you do not want to share with the rest of the world. Data such as medical records, insurance and banking information, credit card, social security and license numbers are likely all stored somewhere on your electronics. As I see it, you need to develop your own Security System to protect them.

Webster defines “Security” as, “The state of being secure, confident of safety; that which secures or makes safe; something that secures against financial want or loss.”

My description of Security is:

1. A way of causing long lines in public places; airports, sea ports, train stations, court and legislative hearings.

2. Something that has codes that will change every few years.

3. Something that will create many jobs and combine others.

4. A newly established way of life - that is here to stay!



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