"Season Changing Or Is It?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, September 22, 2018

The old saying, “There’s no place like home” is definitely true and there is no better place to have a home than in Huron County.

Michigan is a gorgeous state, with four distinct seasons, all beautiful. Those of us who live in the Thumb area need not travel far to enjoy the beauty of each of those seasons. This year the next seasonal change seems uncertain about which way to go.

Labor Day no more than passed and abruptly a drastic change in the weather occurred. After a day of 80 plus degrees, the next day struggled to reach 60 and plunged into the 40s at night. As August began, we were warned of a possible drought. Everything was dried out. Plants, grass and trees were turning brown. Crops in the fields were at risk as the warnings of more dry weather were forecast.

Just as everyone was certain of no respite – it began to rain and it rained for days with few breaks in between. For two weeks a day did not pass without rain or constant drizzle. Vegetation began to perk up and everything turned green once more, as it does in the spring. Grass needed cutting every few days because the weather had made a complete turnaround. Roadside stands and farmer’s markets were soon laden with fresh vegetables and farmers began their harvesting.

We are more than half-way through September and the season has yet to firmly declare itself. Last weekend the temperatures once again soared into the 80’s and beaches were crowded. I took a drive along the shoreline all the way to Marine City. Marinas all along my route were bustling and when I stopped in for lunch overlooking the St. Clair River, boats were everywhere.

As we leisurely began our trip north, we saw four freighters playing dodgem with the pleasure boats wanting to jump their wakes. When we got to “Bunny’s” custard stand, a place we can never pass, it was crowded with people wanting to enjoy a last taste of summer.

There are signs of autumns approach as milder temperatures prevail. As seasons change, here in the thumb we are able to change our scenery within a few minutes drive. We can go from the rich view of fields of lush farm plants to fields of cattle grazing. With a turn of direction driving north, a view of bright, blue water awaits.

Another great asset as seasons change – and I’m pretty sure this one is, we will soon be treated to a color kaleidoscope. The lush greens along our roadways and trails into wooded areas will begin to change to yellow, orange, red and every hue in between. Soon the trees will wave their leaves of many colors as they slowly settle to the ground and as you walk along a trail, they will crunch beneath your feet.

As I see it, fall is a reward for all those who worked so hard through the spring and summer months. The venders who had to show up before dawn to set up their booths at farmers markets, charter captains who were on the water at daybreak to ply their trade. All of the small businesses that provide goods and services to the thousands of tourists that visit the thumb each summer. During the fall they are able to take a drive, a hike or last boat ride and enjoy relaxing before the season will once again change.

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