"Did You See The Miracle?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, October 16, 2010

As I begin this column, I, like many readers, have just witnessed a miracle. Last night, I saw the first of 33 Chilean miners brought to the surface after being entombed underground for 69 days.

The effort to rescue the minors was actually a combination of miracles. As the world watched the wonders of the feat being performed, we were amazed by how many accomplishments came together to make it happen. Help arrived from all corners of the globe. NASA immediately sent personnel to the site to ascertain ways to assist in the recovery. Materials and equipment began arriving from many countries eager to help.

Where do we start counting the combination of miracles that occurred in Chile? The satellites providing almost instant on-scene coverage, which in the past had to be sent via

Telecom. The fact the exact position of those trapped could be determined. The ability to drill 2,100 feet, almost a half mile through the earth, to that exact location when 250 feet
was the greatest operation ever accomplished in the past? Every move made became the first time it was ever attempted.

At last count as I write, the number rescued has reached 17 and the recovery capsule is operating smoothly. The first two men I witnessed arriving at the surface seemed to be in great condition. They were so happy and grateful. The arrangement, which the men agreed to, to take each of them to a hospital for observation and examination was further proof of how many precautions were put in place to ensure success.

Another of the miracles was the white butterfly believed to be an angel by some. The butterfly is commonly seen in the early morning flying around blooming purple flowers in the desert. It is said to be rare for one of the butterflies to be seen anywhere near a mine area. The story was told of this white creature appearing in front of a truck with two men aboard in the shaft opening just before the collapse. Seeing it caused them to stop to look, and in moments the rock fall took place. The miners believe had they not stopped they surly would have been crushed by the falling rocks. Many of the miners say the butterfly the two miners saw was an angel and it carried a message from God.

As I watched the operation with the cable first lowering the capsule then returning with another miner aboard, I could not help but admire the engineering of the operation. The lift support structure, with a big pulley sitting over the drilled tunnel and snubber pulleys along the cable to the point of ascension. The smoothness of the cable’s motion was amazing and proof of how good the engineers were, how precise and exacting with all their design work.

As I see it, yes, the rescue of the miners was indeed a miracle, but wasn’t the joint endeavor from all over the world a miracle also? Just as everyone combined their talents and resources to rescue 33 minors because the need arose, if we chose to accomplish world peace why could that goal not be met? Many more lives could be saved by such an effort.

Let’s all try to work on that.


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