"News and Events"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, July 1, 2017

"As I see it" is just what the words suggest: My way of seeing things.

That is what all columnists provide, one person's opinion of matters they wish to bring to light about what's going on that affects all of us.

The Sunday TV news reports feature a roundtable of those "in the know" about topics being addressed. Some participants represent the media, many of whom are featured on the Tribune's Opinion page, and they appear often. Others could be representatives of political parties. Most are considered to be up-to-date on the topics being addressed and may even have been involved in introducing them.

Last Sunday, one of the hot issues discussed related to whether President Obama had been aware of Russia's Vladimir Putin's possible interference in our presidential election. A panelist declared it was learned Obama was informed by the CIA in August 2016 regarding the Russians interference. He went on to say the actions had been directed by Putin himself.

Another topic regarded the upcoming vote on "repealing Obamacare, Republican health care 2017." The health care issue was discussed at length on each of the news broadcast. An awareness that a decision will affect so many of our countries citizens was at the forefront of each comment. The best suggestion I heard was to extend the time a vote had to be cast. No surprise that is just what occurred.

Perhaps the most urgent discussion addressed what could be done to avoid conflict with North Korea. One of the participants addressing the subject asked, "What can we do to stop North Korea's aggression?" Another speaker answered saying, "We need to strike first."

Most of the other panelist disagreed with this opinion.

As I remarked, Sunday news broadcast provide another option for gathering information on what's going on in the world.

And what's going on in our local community is the upcoming Fourth of July holiday -- promising a nice long weekend celebration.

Many former residents of the Thumb regard the Fourth of July as a great time for a homecoming, thus every community's population swells considerably. The first notable sign is the traffic. Most cottages and summer homes along the thumb's shoreline are destinations. Even if only a second cousin, the call will be made with the inquiry, "Can you put us up?" The motels and state, county and private campgrounds will also be full to capacity.

So you will see carloads of visitors, RV's and truck campers with tents tied on, all headed into the Thumb. Many small towns like Imlay City and Marlette, and larger ones, like Flint, and Bay City, along the route headed north will be seeing anxious youngsters and oldsters as they drop in for a quick relief stop to carry them through their trips. The places carrying ice cream will develop long lines of families and Dad will be overheard saying, "Grab lots of napkins I don't want a mess in the car." Most towns, large or small, will be announcing the big fireworks display to occur.

Why such excitement? Because on July 4, 1776, our country declared its independence and John Adams, the sixth signer among 56 who signed the Declaration, wanted everyone to know. He announced; "To demonstrate to all the world our county's independence, there will be fireworks each Fourth of July hereafter."

The fireworks will be displayed in different towns on different days over the long weekend. Many visitors like to travel to all of them so they will look up the schedule, which is:

• Bay City: July 1

• Cass City: July 1

• Port Hope: July 1

• Caseville: July 3

• Port Austin: July 4

• Harbor Beach: July 8

The evening light spectacles will not be the only excitement.

Port Hope and Cass City both have four-day festivals to commemorate the Fourth, all running through July 2. Port Austin puts on a memorable parade on the Fourth that will give the youngsters a thrill as parade participants, often numbering up to 100, toss them treats.

The displays of respect for our country and its flag shown by American Legionnaires and many others during events will be felt by all. Please have a safe, happy Fourth of July.

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