"Has Anyone Seen Al?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, August 16, 2013

Capt. Fred Davis

Where’s Al? Today, Aug. 13, as I sit and doodle on my writer’s pad, I’m wondering where Al Gore is. Is he off saving the polar bears and Alaskan seals or is he hiding?

I’m guessing it may be the later.

Back in the day, he made a big deal about global warming during his presidential run only to become a laughing stock among his party members. He also failed in his endeavors to expose the weather predictors. He has proven that he, like the rest of us, actually knows very little about weather forecasting.

If Al was brilliant enough to warn us about global warming years in advance, calling our droughts proof of his predictions, why didn’t he foresee all the rain and flooding?

If he truly was able to look into the future of weather, why didn’t he predict the tornados or tsunamis? 

Boy would he find himself facing an angry group of people if he were to appear in Caseville today during the 15th annual Cheeseburger Festival. The people who went to a lot of trouble and expense to get to Caseville in mid-August, only to be shopping for sweatshirts and hats in very cool, blustery weather. The very disappointed people who had anticipated wearing beachwear and Levis during an event in the “Cheeseburger Capital” of the Thumb.

If it’s any comfort to those who were shivering Aug. 13 at Cheeseburger in Caseville, I can assure you I know exactly how you feel. I’ve spent some time enjoying Cheeseburgers in Paradise in Key West during some of the worst weather you could imagine.

One saving grace in both cases: there always is plenty of beer, margaritas and cheeseburgers! That is how the events are billed not “Weather in Paradise” — just “Cheeseburgers in Paradise.” So all the visitors should just zip up their jackets and stroll around seeing how many varieties they can consume. Perhaps you may want to ask for hot chocolate instead of beer to wash them down.

The Al I turn to with questions about the weather announced it could become a little damp during Cheeseburger week. What does he know about it though — he’s in New York and the burgers there would make you want to head to Caseville in a hurry. One thing I enjoy about him is his humor, plus he only predicts a few days in advance. NBC keeps him so busy jetting around if he gets it wrong occasionally, we should give him a break.

You guessed it — I’m talking about Al Roker, and he never claims to be the greatest weather person out there, he is just a nice guy.

Back to Caseville — by the time you read my column, you probably traveled there to watch the parade. Now you understand the phrase; the parade of fools. The goosebumps must have been impressive on the under-dressed participants.

One good thing about the traffic bac up headed into town: there were good views of the lake as you idled along. What could be better than that? Hope you enjoyed the festival and contributed to the burger count!

No, I was not hired as their promotion manager, but perhaps I should apply next year. I hear they pay well — all the burgers you can eat.




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