"Time to Stir the Pot?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Thursday, October 14, 2010

So what was that big uproar about Pastor Jones and his threat to burn the Quran all about? I doubt anyone would have ever heard of him (and so many other hapless jerks) without all the TV and press coverage. He used the spotlight to frighten and almost set into panic half of the world just prior to the anniversary of 9/11.

I know this is a free country but As I see it, a nutcase like Jones should be ignored, stopped immediately and given no coverage. The terrible jeopardy his actions put our troops in should never again be allowed. Perhaps both political parties could unite to pass legislation that would prohibit such actions. Once again, like so many other sensationalized events, it turned out like a stick of dynamite without a firing cap. Everyone howled explosion, but it fizzled out because there was no wick to light.

I think Pastor Jones should join the other two pastors who do a lot of hollering and pounding on tables whenever something happens to draw a television crew. They also disappear as soon as the limelight dims and the media leave. This brings up the question that just begs to be answered: why do these excentrics receive so much attention?

Another obvious question; who is financing them? They must run up large expenses just traveling around the country — New York, Chicago or wherever a crowd gathers and they have a platform to shout from.

Let’s move on to my favorite topic, which folks love to comment on — politics. I just can’t believe how nasty politicians have become. I’ll once again make my declaration; I am non-partisan and have no intention of changing but I may change my vote based upon the biased ads filling my mailbox.

I have received numerous, color, glossy ads that attack a candidate and announce, “Paid for by the ... party with regulated funds. Not authorized by any candidate committee.”

It seems the candidate the ads support has no funding to pay for such high-end promotion or at least has failed to report it. I don’t think I can support someone who runs for office yet does not know what has to be done to seek election to that position.

I’m very curious about why one party is going to such great expense to hire slick ad people to design and text, then print and mail so much literature without authorization or acknowledgment. And, why are they doing so in our small, low voter population Thumb area?

Also landing in my mailbox was a request for support addressed to, “Dear Neighbor.” The candidate explained he lived in Bay City, which is still about 100 miles from my neighborhood. I don’t consider someone that far away my neighbor, but I do like what he told me he was going to do. “Create jobs in Michigan, offer incentives to help any company, big or small that will bring new jobs to Michigan.” He supports “Giving incentives to companies that hire Michigan workers first and will fight outsourcing by ending state tax breaks and contracts for companies that ship jobs out of state.” He wants to “Put a stop to the hiring of illegal workers and cut politicians pay and their lifetime benefits.” He helped pass a law to; “Protect citizens from dangerous utility shut offs and feels it is important to keep our citizens safe and warm during Michigan’s harsh winters.”

I will support a candidate who lays out a plan to benefit all of Michigan’s citizens. If he moves a little closer, I’ll probably even call him neighbor. What I like most about this candidate is he didn’t badmouth his opponent — how refreshing compared to the other campaigns.

Candidates seeking the governor’s seat are almost amusing as they both bicker back and forth divulging the faults of their opponent. Wouldn’t you rather know what the candidate will attempt to do for our state rather than what they think the other guy won’t do? Before the election, if there is any air time or money left, it would be great to learn how each of the candidates plan to accomplish what they may yet get around to promising.

Oh — I almost forgot I’ve noticed Momma Grisly on TV quite a bit lately but so far she has not announced she is running for office but there are rumors The Donald might.

Please Mr. Trump, stay on TV where I can at least change the channel.


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