"Some More Helpful Gadgets"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, May 19, 2012

Household electronics and gadgets are pretty amazing. The objective with most of the modern ones seems to be speed. Let’s move this job along quickly so we can get the next one accomplished.

Blend, chop, mix, open, clean, swift, vacuum; chores are done in minutes that used to take hours. An example is the Bullitt Mixer. It mixes just about anything. You can make soup out of a squash faster then you can scoop it out. Remember the old style coffee percolator you set on the stove? You could buy one for about $5. Now, for about $100 you can buy a coffee “maker” that will take up half your counter’s workspace. It grinds the coffee beans (imported from Columbia), wakes you up (the grinding is noisy) and fills to a pre-set water level. In minutes, a pre-set cup of Joe — extra strong to very weak, is ready to help get your day started. Starbucks hates these designer machines.

A cleaning gadget that is “sweeping” the nation is Robo sold as, “iRobot Roomba.” Ads say, Robo is “... the gold standard in automated vacuums.” You just set them down, turn them on and off they go vacuuming around, under and over any obstacles that would have to be moved in the past. Even better, with the top of the line model, you can schedule it to clean when you are not even home. Perhaps they may require a bit more guidance control though.

I heard of one that caught the dog’s tail and another one that ran away, you can’t leave a door open when they are operating. The cost is a mere $600, but they ship free (probably just rolls itself to your door and knocks).

I stopped at a casino recently and thought it pretty funny that all the men were carrying a Robo under their arms — it was the latest giveaway to lure customers to visit. My wife settled for a new-style vacuum that has a container she just takes off and dumps without the worry of having bags to change. It’s bright yellow, so easy to locate when the cleaning urge strikes.

If you just need a quick clean up, grab your “Swiffer.” The ad says, “The Swiffer Duster grabs onto dirt and holds it tightly.” Are they kidding? This tool appears to just swiftly move the dirt around.

I have a friend who bakes — a lot. She should check out the “Nickel Pearl Professional 6 Quart Stand Mixer” that sells for just under $400. She probably won’t have to do anything but watch.

When all the work is done in the kitchen, head for a “iTouchless 13 gallon deodorizer filtered stainless steel sensor.” I think it’s a garbage bucket but it cost $63, so it may do more.




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