"Debate or Tigers?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, October 26, 2012

Polytics! OK — so you think I mean politics but with what I’ve heard, I think Polytics is a better word. The candidates keep repeating themselves like parrots until a person interrupts and asks, “Didn’t you say the opposite a few weeks ago?”

As a non-partisan, undecided voter I should have been watching all the debates but when a choice of watching the Tigers kicking the Yankees butts or the debate occurred, I made the right choice. Comcast had somehow stolen my PIP (picture in a picture) when I had to install their box, so I could only watch one thing at a time.

I felt so bad about my disloyalty to the candidates, occasionally (during commercials), I would switch channels to see who was taking their turn to tell us things we couldn’t believe. It’s OK though, because we all know many of the great promises being made won’t materialize anyway.

Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t switch to the debate at every commercial (there were a lot of them). I had to keep checking the Cards and Giants game to see who would be next to play our Cats. How about those Tigers, they have been keeping us glued to the tube for each game. I’m curious about something, with all the ball games going on, all the stadiums full and all the TV sports fans watching – did ANYONE watch the debates? And if so, why?

I enjoy the political programs that air Sunday mornings; Meet the Press, Chris Mathews and Face the Nation. Sometimes, guests appear twice in one morning on two different stations. It’s surprising that guest speakers forget what they said on the previous appearance or what a candidate had said — sure makes them look silly. This past week, a young woman was speaking on behalf of one candidate and slipped up and credited the other one with a statement made.

References to the number of absentee votes helping one or the other candidate were made often. How can they say that when absentee ballots are not counted before Election Day? Or has that changed like so many other things for this election.

Every day, we are seeing poll results and every day, they differ until one day they landed on 47 percent for both. Does anyone believe the polls? Thinking to validate the results, the number of people questioned is reported but are the numbers accurate? Are they counting the people who hang up saying, “I don’t care to answer your inquiry?” That’s what I always say.

Last week I visited friends and during our visit, the phone rang several times. The caller ID told them it was a survey so they did not pick up. Do these calls count? I think the polls would be closer to accurate if they reported the percentage of calls answered by people who are lonely and happy to talk to anyone. When is the last time you responded to a political call?

On Monday, we had the last (we hope) big debate and since there were no ball games on, I watched it. I had hoped one of the candidates would actually say something I could believe. I’ve heard each of them accuse the other of not having a plan to keep promises being made. I was sure their plans would be put forth. Hearing them before the election would help some of the undecided voters make a decision.

Was I the only one disappointed? The debate was just more of the same bickering back and forth. More like a cat fight than a debate.

As I see it, whoever wins should be willing to help all of us — not just their parties or super PACS that helped elect them. They should also find a way to make elected officials of the House and Senate vote instead of filibustering and throwing us into gridlock. If a newly elected president could do that, perhaps they could carry out their plan — whatever it may be.

Go Tigers!




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