"The Giant Woke"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 6, 2011

I’m sure by now you know the great news about the event that removed the No. 1 terrorist menace to our country and many others.

I missed the first announcement of the big news by going to bed early the night it was made but what a great way to start the next day. A chill of excitement swept over me just as I’m sure it did many others. I had a great feeling of pride in our country, a feeling not felt for a very long time. I’m sure our troops serving overseas also felt a great sense of satisfaction.

We are still busy patting backs and passing out atta boys but perhaps we should be planning ahead. We can’t spend too much time celebrating our victory and not paying attention to our foes. We can’t afford to give them an opportunity to make a move un-detected while we gloat about our good work. The rest of the world is also cheering our accomplishment but not all are happy with us. Some of our enemies have plans to take action and if we drop our guard, it could benefit them.

Many questions were asked, during several press conferences that followed the announcement of Bin Laden’s death and we need to consider some of the answers. One of the big questions was; why did the Pakistanis not know about Bin Laden’s hideout? Some countries representatives and even some in our country felt we should have made Pakistan government officials aware of our planned attack. Why? If they did not know he was there, as they claim, what help could they have provided? I totally agreed we should not have notified the Pakistanis. They could have alerted Bin Laden and the operation would have failed.

Our Navy Seals were able to carry out the mission on their own — with no help, and hopefully saved the millions of dollars offered for Bin Laden’s capture — dead or alive.

At this time, several days after the successful mission, a cry of disbelief has swelled. Many want to see pictures of a dead Osama. Among those asking to see them are members of the Taliban. Their communications must be very poor if they have not been notified. If the Taliban cannot verify their loss, perhaps they will disband while they are seeking proof. I suggest if they have no better communication capabilities, disbanding would be to their advantage. If they plan on relying on Pakistan to protect them — as perhaps Bin Laden did, that would probably be a poor idea.

Other urgent questions are being asked about bringing our troops home. It is my belief if there are continuing problems in the region; let those affected, such as the Pakistanis handle them on their own.

Past presidents opinions have been presented by the media along with comments from members of their cabinets and many foreign dignitaries. President Carter, who seems very ill advised and probably knew no more about the event than the rest of us, has decided to become a spokesperson regarding how things were done. I think the combined efforts of President Bush and Obama led to a well orchestrated action that brought to an end a long challenge. We should recognize from this endeavor that there is no longer a need for partisan politics.

We should all be thankful for our superbly trained troops and the courage shown by our President. The way the attack was carried out left no room for error or doubt of the outcome. The media should accept what details have been provided and stop digging for more. We surely don’t want the identities of the individuals who carried out the mission known or their lives will be at risk.

As I see it we should all be so proud and support our military by flying the flag. And the message to the rest of the world is; THE USA IS NO LONGER A SLEEPING GIANT - WE HAVE TAKEN ACTION AND — WHO WANTS TO BE NEXT!


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