"Political Discord"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 18, 2018

Our current national political landscape is impossible to navigate.

The who’s who is particularly difficult, someone has been fired or is resigning almost on a daily basis.

There is little stability in the upper halls of our political structure. The two parties agree on few matters and show no respect for one another. Our president is seldom referred to as such, especially during discussions on his behavior. While viewing or listening to media sources, you hear them simply call him Trump, not the president or President Trump.

As I see it, the last presidential election in the fall of 2016, our country elected Donald J. Trump from among a very large group of candidates. Whether he was the favored choice among everyone or not, he was the people’s choice according to our election process. He should therefore be referred to as the president — not Trump.

I understand there is a large opposition to the holder of the highest office in the United States and constant focus on negative issues feed those feelings. If the country seems to be moving ahead in spite of all the discord however, why not sit back and see how projects that are underway develop? The return of large factories such as General Motors coming back to Flint and Chrysler returning to a Detroit plant sure are great for Michigan.

The latest unemployment figures for May listed a rate of 3.9 percent. The number had been at 4.1 percent since last October. It is the lowest rate achieved since 2000 — 18 years ago. If maintained, it would equal amounts last posted in the 1960s.

Economists are quoted describing the achievement as “amazing” and “incredible.”

Everyone is not jubilant though. Number crunchers are busy explaining why the news is not great and we cannot celebrate because our economy is still weak. It seems to me the only ones left on the unemployment rolls are those who would rather lay on the couch watching TV and let the government support them. Look around, most folks have jobs and are working.

There are projects that many would like to see moving ahead. Immigration reform and securing our borders are high on the list but congress continues to be gridlocked on those issues. Our infrastructure needs rebuilding and nationwide, there are efforts underway to put major projects in place to achieve that goal.

The strength of our military was demonstrated as we and our ally retaliated against the gassing of innocent people in Syria. I do not endorse deeds that can be interpreted as a war action, but I also cannot condone gassing of citizens to death in their own country. Perhaps the united action may have influenced the resulting deescalation of tensions in North Korea.

I too, have many concerns about President Trump’s behavior on social media and his outbursts displayed against those who oppose his ideas. I also have concerns about a body of people who make up our country’s Congress who appear to do nothing but draw large paychecks, take exotic vacations, receive free medical coverage, and stay in office until they are so old they cannot stay awake during sessions.

They accept large political contributions from small groups of power people whom they represent and appear to have no awareness of the larger body of constituents who elected them.

If we don’t approve of our president, he was only elected to a four-year term. It will be our responsibility to cast a ballot for someone we can support after they take office. It would seem to be of even greater importance to study those who presently serve in Congress and decide if they should be re-elected.

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