"Tricks and Definitely Treats"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, October 29, 2016

Booooo! Trick or treat, turn up the heat, and give me something sweet to eat.

No one has to tell all the Halloween fans the time for begging is almost here. Two weeks ago it was very warm. Last week it was damp, windy and very cold. The weatherman is not promising good weather for the annual trek of the small people. Maybe windy, for sure wet and cold. I even heard one forecaster use that dreaded four-letter word “snow”.

We all know Halloween is the kids’ favorite holiday. Sure Christmas is great because of the presents, but the pure joy of running loose and gathering candy cannot be matched. I know this because it was always, and still is, my favorite holiday (but Pat won’t let me trick or treat).

I’ve been traveling around the Thumb this past week and saw more pumpkin activity than past years, the crop was gigantic. Caro has a festival and they display hundreds of painted and carved pumpkins on bleachers in front of the courthouse. Caseville also has a fall pumpkin festival and the kids get to roll their pumpkins down a giant hill. I recall seeing the same event in Vassar one year on their main street — now that was a roll. As I drove through that town this year they were all decked out with scarecrows on most of the light posts.

But wait, that’s not all. There is probably no one living in the Thumb who has not visited Frankenmuth, but I bet many have not seen what I did on my visit this year. We like to meet one of our adopted daughters there. It’s an even distance: she drives from Lansing and we from Port Austin. We have lunch at Tiffany’s; (sounds like a movie only that was breakfast) and it’s always great. As we drove around town we saw a sign that said Pumpkin Launch and sure enough there was a launcher and a dump truck for the target. Not too many hit the target — pumpkins were littered all over an entire field. But I’m sure it was fun for all.

Halloween is such a treat for me because when I purchase bags of candy and put them in the giant bowl, I get to sample some of the offerings. It’s also great to see the kids decked out in Mom’s latest creations. Handmade is best because no other kid will be wearing it and it did not cost a ridiculous sum. This year our photo models, the Zimmerman youngsters, were dressed as characters from the Disney movie “Inside Out.” They represented the emotions of a little girl named Riley as: Sadness, Anger and Bing Bong. We get to see them for their practice run of the year’s costumes and do the photo shoot.

So mothers unite, learn how to sew or just visit the thrift shops and improvise. Don’t be forced into purchasing outfits that cost half the week’s food budget.

Remember if you do purchase the store version, throw the mask away and paint the kids’ faces to match their costumes. Thinking of that, how about paint the face first and match it up with the costume: hobo, princess, football, baseball or hockey player. The kids don’t really care as long as you get them on the street on time and provide a big bucket or sack to put their bounty in.

I suggest all kids under 10 be dressed as the family pet and kept on a leash. Mom or Dad can hold on to the other end and keep them from running into the street.

Remember drivers, be extra cautious on the designated trick or treat nights. Children are so excited they don’t always look both ways, often not even one way. You must do the looking for all of them.

Halloween belongs to the kids. It’s their big day and is only celebrated for a few hours, so everyone please help to keep them safe.

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