"It's Time to Pass Gun Legislation"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, January 25, 2013

The inauguration is over and it’s official – Obama is sworn in. We must wait four years before a presidential change is made. Discussions regarding many topics, looking at pros and cons will be held and decisions will need to be made. I hope we can move ahead with progress on matters untouchable until this time.

The president’s speech pointed out many of his goals and there will be many more as his term moves along. House and Senate members must admit little progress was made the past four years. Items presented to Congress seemed to divide and increase the partisanship. Constant bickering among the parties prevented bills from being passed.

I remain an independent and it’s my belief school kids could get more accomplished than our current Congress. Unfortunately, it appears our representatives will be starting up right where they left off prior to the election. As I see it, we have two years to put up with the same Congress just elected and it will be a major setback for our country if the parties fail to work together to pass legislation. If the bickering continues unabated, our two-party system may be in serious jeopardy.
The gun control issue will be high on the list of topics that will create disorder between the parties. It is very important and will create problems on both sides of the aisle.

Many elected officials owe allegiance to the NRA because of contributions made to their election pursuits.

Questions arise on both sides of the issue as opposing groups line up and try to push their views ahead. Taking away the right to buy or own weapons of mass destruction is presented as a threat of our rights to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. We need to remember, however, at the time the amendment was written, flintlock muskets were the guns in use. Consider this, by the time a person could reload a musket after the first shot; those being threatened nearby would have time to run to cover. With the use of a semi-automatic weapon, a person can empty an entire high volume clip during that same amount of time. Some clips using hollow-point ammunition can shoot enough shots to drop an elephant.

Seriously, who shoots that type of game in our country?

I would like to see a buy-back on the high capacity cartridges because there is no need for them.

On the other side of the issue, outlawing the high capacity guns now is too late because there are so many already in the hands of collectors. Limiting the availability of the 30-round ammunition clips would seem more reasonable.

I talked to the owner of one of the semi-automatic guns and asked why would anyone want to own one? The response was, “Because I can – and I like to take it to the range and fire it.”

Gun control will be a contentious subject for much of the remainder of Obama’s second term. Perhaps if the NRA representatives would try to work with our voted representatives, something could be accomplished to insure the safety of our children. The NRA should approach its members, who are also parents of young, innocent children. Ask those members who have lost loved ones to gun violence what their opinions are.

Attempts to place police personnel in all the nations’ schools, even just the elementary ones, will be difficult if not impossible. It could actually present a challenge to persons who may wish to commit an act of violence. How would we pay wages for police in our schools when we have reduced our forces all over the country? We don’t have enough police to take care of our needs on the streets and no one has suggested a budget increase will be put in place to augment police departments.

I believe the release of NRA’s “Practice Range” Apple app, timed exactly one month from the day of the Sandy Hook tragedy, was a disrespectful slap in the face of our president. I hope what they did will backfire and show the politicians who support the NRA they have gone too far. They must know the group has the power to help resolve the gun control issue without taking rights away from anyone.

A suggestion could be made that all responsible hand gun or long gun owners could practice additional cautions. When a child shows up at school with a loaded gun that a parent or guardian carelessly left available, that person should be severely punished and perhaps required to turn in all guns in their possession. This action, well publicized, could reduce accidental gun violence occurrences.

To those who make the claim they don’t want any action that may reflect upon their right to bear arms let’s consider: What rights do innocent children have? Was it all right to disregard their rights when their lives were taken?

If NRA members, that the leadership is so proud of by repeatedly announcing their number, would ask those leaders to help solve as many of the gun control problems as possible, a solution may be found. There is not going to be a resolution that will bring about total gun control, but there are certainly ways to guide the industry to better safety.




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