"We Need Political Change"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, November 25, 2017

Every day as we watch the national news, it seems there is a major problem.

Not a week slips by without someone complaining about our president being involved in a big controversy. Two themes that never seem to be resolved are his involvement with Russia and how he prejudiced the election.

The one-year anniversary of President Trump’s election just passed, and according to all reports, he has turned our country upside down and inside out. Many claims are made that he is not following up on his campaign promises. When he makes attempts to do so, political blocks are placed in his way.

As I see it, the president has made mistakes, but he has also made some positive advances. According to all reports, his promises to increase employment have brought good results. Every time he tries to make a move to change the status quo, however, his opponents, in both parties, rise up in opposition. There are members of his party very unhappy with his election who refuse to support him and constant resistance exists.

The people are watching as the political friction continues and a demonstration of dissatisfaction was evident in the recent elections nationwide. Proof that the Democratic Party is alive and in a recovery phase was evident. Political pundits are spinning lots of optimistic forecasts of sweeping victories to come, but the fall of the Republican Party is not likely.

It’s time for younger voters to express their opinions about where our country is headed. It would be wise for them to observe how long many of the congressional representatives have held office. Isn’t it time to look for fresh, new ideas? A recent report regarding the age of many of those serving in government was shocking. Our current congressional congress is one of the oldest in history. The Democrats are leading the old-age race. According to the online blog, Quorum, Democratic leaders in the house are two decades older than their Republican counterparts, and some of them are double the age of their constituents. It just can’t be possible a person in their mid-80s is capable of guiding our nation.

President Trump has been beating the drum for term limits, but it would take a constitutional amendment and a vote of two-thirds of the entire congress to accomplish. With so many old-timers serving in the present assembly, there is little hope of any proposal succeeding.

I have beat my own drum for many years. We need new people in office with new ideas to move our country forward. We are mired down in past policies that just don’t fit into the world’s evolving environment. A new political party would be a breath of fresh air that could sweep away all the old, stale ideas that never work. We need people who will support changes that will make our country stronger.

If the elected officials seated are not advancing our communities, counties, state and nation, can we really afford to leave them in office?

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