"It's All Over For This Year"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, December 31, 2011

The finale of 2011 is here — and As I see It none too soon. I will say 2011 had just begun to show possible signs of a little recovery, but little is not nearly enough.

Our country has been going backward the past several years, resulting in many of our citizens being backed against the wall. When we see our friends, relatives and neighbors losing their homes, cars and other belongings, it’s hard to understand how we have reached this level of stagnation.

Many hard working family people have lost everything. Though they work as hard as possible to keep up, they are now homeless. The sight of a family living under a bridge, in a cardboard shack or old car is heartbreaking. What is being done to help them?

It’s true, families over-extended themselves. Two income households and overtime pay were partly to blame and families became dependent on an income level they thought would last well into the future. They had no conception the money would be cut back or stop flowing altogether. They got caught up in the terrible repercussions of their actions but why should innocent children have to suffer so severely?

Why can’t our government help them? We help people in need all around the world. Every time a disaster strikes, the U.S. rushes in with aid. Why, when our own families are in dire need here at home, in our country, can’t we help? We obsess about countries which have been at war for hundreds of years, sending our boys to help fight their battles and die for them.

We spend millions on equipment and use drones and planes to keep an eye out for problems of others. Why not look at our problems?

The citizens of our country have spent a great amount of our time observing a long list of candidates as they provide their opinions about various things that need to be done. None of them have suggested helping our homeless.

They seek the support of the party that seems to have lost touch with the people they hope will elect them.

We have dutifully watched the large number of debates that for the most part had candidates displaying childish behavior and expressing foolish opinions. Few of the debates resulted in a clear plan about how to correct any of our problems, there was just a lot of blame-throwing toward the other candidates and those presently in office.

We seem to have a governmental body that appears to have the power to help the middle class, but only displays concern for the upper class and those who made big donations to their party’s campaigns. Much of the political news this past year has consisted of various people name calling and judging others, buck passing, plus an occasional “oops” or “sorry” thrown in.

This past month, with the first real public poll coming up in Iowa, back stabbing has been added to the list. I believe those who win, or come in second or third, should be allowed to continue. The rest of the gang of empty, never having a decent thought, talkers should go home and forget about getting elected to any position higher than dog catcher.

If we get rid of the obvious losers and cut the TV coverage of those who can’t remember why they are running, it would help get 2012 off to a better start.

The year-end surge and strength displayed in the stock market is great, but we need to be aware it has displayed big runs up and down this past month. One good thing about the New Year is that we only have 10 months and six days until the election. Let’s hope after the whiners and complainers have gone home, the parties learn to work together – if there are two parties left. By election time we can only hope we can elect someone capable of running OUR country, someone who does not send and spend everything overseas. Perhaps a little better employment opportunities will allow 2012 to be the year we begin to look out for ourselves. I’m hopeful it will be a year of real recovery, creating a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a better life for all.

Finally, I want to wish Tribune Editor Mike Bogan the best of luck in his new endeavor. Those of us who work with the paper will sure miss him.




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