"Will The Weather Gods Be Nice?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whoosh! — did you hear that go by? I think it was summer. It was going so fast, I almost missed it.

I returned to Michigan a little early last spring because I wanted to purchase a classic car and get some restoration done on it. I also planned to finish fixing up my house. A few new windows and shutters were all that I had to do, so I was sure I’d be done early this year. We wanted to extend our annual fall trip north to view the colors and stop at a few Indian haunts. Just relax a bit before heading on the road back south for the winter.

The expression “time flies” sure caught up to me this year. It’s only one more week before Labor Day weekend. Let me assure you, planning does not make things happen, so don’t waste your time doing it.

I did get the classic, but only a couple weeks ago and the dream cruise went by before I could even start the restoration project. My new windows are in but still waiting to be trimmed with shutters. It’s hard for my builder to get away from his big jobs he would like to complete before the snow flies to do my little shutter job.

We can all be thankful we finally got some rain — some more than others. It was much needed. Hopefully, some of our crops benefited. It sure is nice to look out the window and see green but I also see trees already shedding leaves. Will our woods and forests survive all the diseases and dry weather they have been plagued with or succumb like most of our ash trees have? What do you suppose Mother Nature will surprise us with this fall and winter?

Will we have the usual beautiful color show we look forward to each year? It would be nice if the weather gods would settle down a bit. A few cold nights by the campfire popping whatever corn didn’t pop in the fields this past hot summer would be good. If the cold and snow would just be enough to ice fish and snowmobile this year, I’m sure it would make some of you that can’t go south a little happier.

As for me, I’m hoping the hurricane season skips Florida this year, the next month is the one to watch for the east coast.

The extreme drought throughout the country and mild winter last year gives one reason to question why our weather has changed so drastically. I’ve wondered if the earthquake in Japan, that scientists claim caused the earth’s plates to shift, thus resulting in our world moving on its axis, could be the cause. As I see it, something to think about.



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