"More Unbelievable Events"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, April 8, 2011

We are bombarded with experts on all the TV channels and articles in print media regarding the earthquake in Japan, effects of which are continuing with news releases daily. Each expert is presented as very learned on the topic they address.

We were told over and over, there was no possible way ill effects from the lack of radiation containment would reach our shores. Even the people of Japan who were more than 50 miles distant from the nuclear sites were told not to worry.

As days and weeks have gone by since the March 10th earthquake and Tsunami, the total damage and death toll still are not yet known. Initially, in our country we were told there would be no evidence of Japan’s radiation reaching our shores. That statement was replaced with reports of radiation traced to Japan’s disaster being detected on both of our coasts. It has been found in both the air and water. Will it be found in our food? If the answer we receive is no, how can we believe it?

It is difficult in this new age of instant access to data, news and images placed, in the palm of our hands, to believe most of what we hear because by the time we access it — with no time to fact check, it changes. Good examples are the conflicts in Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Libya plus additional countries in that part of the world. I could not believe it what I saw while watching a live report, a call for prayer went out during one of the fiercest battles and everyone put their weapons down and went to worship.

As I see it, the prayers should be asked for 24/7 and the fighting would stop.

I also wondered what to believe when our President said, “We will not put boots on the ground” in Libya. What do CIA spies wear on their feet? Just before the President’s address, the news had reported we had CIA operatives in Libya. Maybe the President should check with CNN, Fox or MSNBC before making an address to the nation. Each of those networks cut his address at Georgetown off as he began explaining a plan to limit our countries dependence on foreign oil by a third in 10 years.

Why must we be so involved with what is taking place in Muslin countries? As I related in an earlier column, they have been fighting for as long as history has been recorded. It must be their way of life, and who are we to tell them they must change it? As we consider providing arms to members of the various conflicts, we must remember how Al Qaida got their arms to turn upon us.

I heard a great suggestion regarding attempts to set our national budget and avoid shutting the country down. If our elected officials cannot agree on a budget, they should go without pay for the time they let the country be at a standstill. Both parties share the blame since we, the hapless people, elected them to do a job. If they can’t accomplish their job as we directed them to, why would they expect to get paid?

While the elected officials are working, I suggest an idea that may help them. Require the IRS. to report to them why many (too many to list) major companies are not paying taxes and are bragging about it to encourage investments in their stock. I believe if we could compile a list of the companies avoiding taxes via their high priced CPAs and lawyers who design loopholes, we the people would stop doing business with them. I know I would! That act, by enough people, would result in a rush to pay taxes which could help balance our budget!


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