"Let The Race Begin"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, August 19, 2011

Alas – the first big political bash has passed. The next few weeks will be filled with back patting and bragging and a lot of false advertising.

Please don’t get too excited. We still have until November of 2012 to discover who really winds up on top; the people’s choice or at least the one with the most Electoral College votes. Our presidential election process gets worse every election. With a year and two months until the final votes are cast, we already have an announced winner.

Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw vote – so what? The Iowa vote, one of many, was a tallying of votes cast by a very small representation of citizens. They put on their Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, pay $30 and meet in a parlor somewhere. I’m not sure just who pays the $30.

Congratulations to Mrs. Bachmann for being first in an election that has no value whatsoever. Want proof? While she was bragging her heart out, Mitt Romney, said to be leading the polls, did not even show up. Add to that another Texan with a familiar swagger strutted up to a TV crew and announced he would be running, what a surprise.

The list of GOP hopefuls keeps growing; it’s difficult to be certain, though, of who is actually running and who just wants to appear on their local TV station. If it takes this many gatherings to decide whom the GOP will support, that explains why they have to start so early. And then there is Sarah – and what is she trying to suggest? She shows up in her fancy bus whenever there is a TV crew on hand but when interviewed states, “I haven’t decided if I will enter the presidential race.”

It would be of interest to know just who is financing all of Palin’s nationwide jaunts. Perhaps I will have to put her on the list with Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton. I always wonder who pays their way.

The next straw vote, a term defined as, “The act of throwing a handful of straw in the air to see which way the wind is blowing,” will take place in Simi Valley, Calif. on Sept. 11.

This caucus will be hosted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The original date for this caucus was May of 2011 but there were not enough candidates “officially” running to debate at that time.

Two more straw polls are set for 2011 and about six will occur in the first months of 2012. All of this activity far in advance of the Republican National Convention expected to take place the week of Aug. 27, 2012.

At last count, I believe there were 15 declared candidates, five prospective ones, 22 prospective persons of interest who declined and one who already dropped out of the race for the GOP top spot. So doing the math, the total speculated, and then reconsidered, candidates’ equals 19 at this early date. I guess with the number of possible candidates expected to run for president reaching as high as 50, I can understand why it takes so long to find one that may be acceptable.

As I see it, it is my sincere hope all the early poll posturing does not interfere with the regularly broadcast news programs and sporting events I would prefer to watch on TV.

I was happy to make an exception, however, when Warren Buffett appeared and explained how he would increase taxes and reduce spending; too bad he is not a candidate.

I believe any billionaire who has suggestions about running our country needs to be heard. I don’t believe the smartest people run for political office so we can perhaps learn from success.



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