"If You Can't Do The Job, Don't Apply"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, January 9, 2012

It’s one down and at least 10 to go. The Iowa caucus is over and if we can believe Michelle Bachman, her effort to become the Republican Presidential nominee is over. Although repeatedly declaring she was born and raised in

Iowa, the caucus results; sixth with only 5 percent of the vote, told her few supported her ideas.
Iowa was the first of 10 individual challenges leading up to Super Tuesday March 6, when 10 states will hold their primaries. I wish it had been the last. The circus surrounding events thus far to single out a Republican candidate any consensus of people will support is a mockery of our electoral process.

We can only wonder if a final candidate will emerge prior to the Republican convention scheduled to open Aug. 27th in Tampa, Fla. What we can be certain of is the fact there will be a number of debates between the parties leading up to Election Day Nov. 6. All of this election drama would not be so mind-numbing if there were any hope for real change.

A change in Congressional activities would be my greatest hope. Everyone except the participants must realize how ridiculous it is to see elected officials bicker like a bunch of children. It is discouraging to see a speaker at the podium during a session of Congress addressing an almost empty chamber. The lack of respect is evident throughout many Congressional presentations.

In years past, little time was wasted on selecting superior representatives, yet the results usually offered highly qualified politicians. They were able to present an appearance of the capability to do the job applied for — facing the country’s problems head on. They also presented a feasible plan of action to resolve them.

AS I SEE IT, we have been the leader in enough foreign conflicts; we have done more than enough donating of our wealth and manpower to benefit others. It’s time to tackle our own problems here at home on our soil. If foreign countries need help, they should look around the globe and find others to aid them.

It’s time to correct our past mistakes, reset our priorities and let tax dollars collected from our citizens be used to help those that contributed those dollars.

Let’s rebuild our bridges now instead of waiting until they collapse and kill those forced to use them. Let’s rebuild our roads before pot holes swallow the ever growing number of vehicles using them. Every aspect of our infrastructure is in need of repair or rebuilding. Why are we waiting to begin the overhaul?

We need to do whatever is necessary to stop the activities that are bringing our country to its knees. We need to impose stiffer fines on those who import, distribute and even manufacture illicit drugs that are harming our youth. We need to launch an investigation and study the adverse affects on our youth from the use of all the new electronics; grade schools are using computers and pre-school children are given cell phones.

We need to support with all our resources the efforts of our country’s youth seeking advanced education both in our colleges and in other educational avenues. We need to develop trade schools that offer hands-on training such as those we have had in the past. Major manufacturers who build automotive equipment; homes, appliances and shipbuilders need to provide funding for the effort. They can be encouraged to do so via special tax incentives.

Our police and fire departments need to be better financed so that when cuts become necessary, they are not the first to suffer. Perhaps local “homeland security” systems, financed by our federal government, could be established.

Let’s find ways to put our people to work and ensure they do not lose their employment. We need to create jobs that will help control and solve problems facing our nation.

More jobs will equal more taxes paid by a larger number of our population who all expect the benefits of government. If we don’t stabilize and ensure a secure job market, it will be difficult for our country to move ahead.

Looking forward to the next 10 months, we must select officials willing to do the job we elect them to. They must develop strategies and procedures to help our country’s citizens and work with all party representatives to accomplish that goal.




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